Hello world - Sent from my Apple Vision Pro

Don’t let perfection get in the way of good. That’s what I had to tell myself as I created a simple personal website and blog for myself.

I kept wanting to add more features and make sure it looked perfect, but if I did that, my website and blog would never come out. Instead, I’ve opted to get out something that works and iterate on it over time.

Why now?

I want to spend time on my various endeavours, such as creating XONDER, my personal time machine, so creating a personal website has often seemed like a waste of time in my mind. But I think it’s important to jot down your thoughts somewhere. I’ve been learning to journal bit by bit, and I think it helps me unwind make get some of the 10,000 thoughts out of my head so I can relax.

I’ve written a few posts for blogs in the past - all the previous posts on here are taken from my journey building DanceTime - Just Dance meets YouTube. I like talking about the latest tech and what I’ve been diving into lately.

This is especially important now more than ever with the release of the Apple Vision Pro.

I think that future iterations of the Apple Vision Pro will change the way we go about our daily lives.

Just like how the smartphone changed how we go about our daily lives, I think the Vision Pro will, too. What’s especially exciting is that the vision is there, but the technology hardware isn’t quite there yet.

It’s an imperfect product for a lot of money (almost $4000 for the base model with taxes included!), but people also paid more than that for the original Mac computers (which could do a lot less!).

I like to make things. I’m a developer, and I’m making things for the Vision Pro. I’m building things for the future of the platform - not necessarily where it is right now.


XONDER is my first app for the Apple Vision Pro. It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a child: to build a time machine.

This time machine can only go into the past. It uses 360 videos that I’ve been capturing throughout the past few years to show me my life in immersive 360. It’s a new perspective that I haven’t seen before.

And it’s really exciting!

Of course, the first version won’t be anything terribly complex - it’ll essentially be a 360 video viewer in the Vision Pro. Still very cool, but not quite where I’d like to take it.

I want to turn it into a real time machine experience, the one my younger self would have been in awe of. I want to really travel through time and feel like I’m in a time machine. This will take a lot more work, but it’s an iterative journey.

Build the first version, then work on the next.

It’s a personal journey, too.

Even though it’ll be available for anyone to download and use for their own 360 videos, I’m building it for myself.

I’m going after my childhood dream.

And I’ll be sharing my journey with you, and with my future self.