• Smoothies

    I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about content creation lately, and it’s inspired me to really go after it.

  • DanceTime is Back!

    I haven’t posted in three weeks, and this explains why. I needed to let my brain do what my brain does best: whatever it wants.

    Also, DanceTime is back and available for anyone to play!

  • Lessons from Avatar

    Ideas, ideas, ideas. My mind is filled with them, and they keep swimming around. I want to go after each one, catch it, and give it a chance. I want to build them and see where they go and what they turn into.

    But not right now.

  • Laser Focus

    Last week, I set some very ambitious goals for myself. But achieving even just one of them requires that I have laser-like focus…how can I do all three?

  • Live Your Childhood Dreams

    This post was going to be titled “Pushing Myself in 2024”, but after careful considation for the past week, it has a new name. Let’s dive into why I rewrote this post after only a week of going after my goals.